Panoramic View from Table Mountain - Capetown South Africa




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New and fun youtube channel. Come join us in our adventures and travels as we visit great places all over the world and cook some homemade traditional recipes along with travel inspired dishes to knock your socks off.

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Best friends in action.

About the author

Alice Nehme is a childhood friend of mine for over 30 years, and my friend for life. It is a great honour and privilege for me to write about this magnificent woman. She was born on September 18, 1966 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada where she still resides. She is of Lebanese origin and is fluent in five languages. She works as an assistant manager at the National Bank Financial Group and is a professional skating instructor for the past 23 years. Divorced, with two beautiful and balanced children that she has raised on her own.For the most part, especially since her divorce, she has kept her beautiful smile and her head up high, as she exudes a passion for life and love. Alice is the embodiment of generosity, vision, and drive. It is rare to encounter one whose devotion and inspiration come from a genuine desire to better our world.Alice’s first creation, “The World Has Lost Its Heart”, comes from a place of authenticity and contribution. Ally, thank you for sharing yourself with the world and the difference you are bringing to all your readers and those in their lives. Your books are a gift, just like you are one, to all those who know you.


Carole Asswad

Massage Therapist

Yoga Teacher

Energy Healing Practitioner


  May these readings raise your consciousness; bring you awareness, release judgment and criticism. Open your heart, feel and listen to others from a place of love and realize how blessed we are and that “alone” nothing works and together all is possible.


  '" We live in the infinite possibilty of possibilities"