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New and fun youtube channel. Come join us in our adventures and travels as we visit great places all over the world and cook some homemade traditional recipes along with travel inspired dishes to knock your socks off.

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Best friends in action.

Join me in sharing this journey through life; a journey that brought us to where we are, and the steps we should take to reach our goals. Discover how to transform what society dictates as acceptable behaviour back to listening and following our hearts, to guide us to the
truth within.

The World Has Lost Its Heart will channel you to a vision and a state of being that will bring you back to‘we’ and away from ‘me’. It will give you the strength to have a voice and find your truth and value. Never settle for what others ‘will’ you to be, but be who you ‘will’
yourself to be. This vision paves the way to those answers. WE are all born under love. Learn to recognize the exceptions in your life and let them in.

The words "unconditional love" are a must on this planet.There is a vision that has been lost;the world must regain its heart.

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A Testimonial of Insanity -

Statistics report that only 2%-10% of drug addicts in gouvernemet AA supported re­hab centres actually succeed. Private centers have about a 70% success rate.Why is that? I believe it’s because drug rehab is only a beginning. The on going love and sup­port they receive from the outside world will make the differ­ence between an addict successfully continuing recovering and managing their trials and tribulations or re-entering that dark world of insanity. Love and support needs to be included in the equation and these two key ingredients have to become the most potent drug.

Addiction is a lifetime battle and love and support is a life­time commitment.

Be inspired to detect the miracle you are searching for. The answers lie within.


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