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Testimonial for "A Testimonial of Insanity"

The first time I spoke with Ally, I felt an instant connection. The pureness of her heart shone through her words as she spoke of seeking help for her friend. As a Rehab Placement Specialist, I knew immediately that Ally possessed what it takes to help, not by enabling, but by being there and offering love and support, which is what every addict needs. She had her boundaries set, and the strength to stand by them. In a perfect world everyone with a loved one suffering addiction would have the knowledge and understanding that exudes from Ally's soul.
I am going to be promoting this book, A Testimonial of Insanity, to every rehabilitation centre I have in my database. I do this with respect and my belief that this book will touch the lives of everyone that has the privilege of reading it.
Thank you Ally, it is a blessing to have such a gifted author's work out there for everyone to read.”
Brenda Herzog
Addiction rehab placement specialist




Alice’s philosophy and insight have a significant impact on my life. The examples and principles outlined in The World has Lost It’s Heart brought back many memories which put me in touch with the numerous times when I had stopped trusting my heart and had made choices that were based out of anger and not love.

Guided by her nurturing spirit and inspiring words of wisdom I found that as I began to take a loving approach in my life decisions, I felt a greater sense of comfort with myself and as a result have managed to decrease a considerable amount of stress in my life.

I thank you Ally with all my heart. You are truly inspiring and a wonderful friend.

Susan Mainprize
Occupational Therapist



Alice Nehme is a childhood friend of mine for over 30 years, and my friend for life. It is a great honour and privilege for me to write about this magnificent woman.

For the most part, especially since her divorce, she has kept her beautiful smile and her head up high, as she exudes a passion for life and love. Alice is the embodiment of generosity, vision, and drive. It is rare to encounter one whose devotion and inspiration come from a genuine desire to better our world.

Carole Asswad, Massage Therapist
Yoga Teacher, Energy Healing Practitioner